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Coding for inclusion

Posted on the 17th of Jul, 2018
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Project Description: 

“Coding for Inclusion” - CODINC - aims at fostering education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among disadvantaged youth through an inclusive educational approach, based on a peer-learning pedagogical method for formal and non-formal educational contexts in Europe. The CODINC project wants children and youngsters not only to use digital tools, but also to actively create technology and be inspired by taking a look behind the scenes of ICT. In this way, they improve their 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking and, as a lasting benefit, participate in digitalised society and influence it.


The objectives of the project are:

  • Increase and improve teachers’ and trainers’ capacity to foster STEM education among disadvantaged youth through an inclusive educational approach based on peer-learning.
  • Empower disadvantaged young people in the acquisition and development of IT and collaborative competences, as well as problem-solving, self-confidence and creativity through a peer-learning training programme on coding.
  • Foster the development of a European CODINC learning community among different actors and across different sectors, both in formal and non-formal education and training, able to sustain the project’s results and amplify their impact.


The activities of the project are:

  • Production of the CODINC training Toolkit in the project languages
  • Online portal development
  • Piloting with secondary schools
  • Training primary school teachers
  • Peer-learning coding weeks 
  • Evaluation by target groups in 5 countries
  • Production of National Reports and Experimentation Report


Project Information:


Project Budget:

  • The duration of the project is 24 months, starting from 15 January 2018. 
  • Funding source: ERASMUS+ KA3
  • Project Code: 592121-EPP-1-2017-BE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN
  • Total Budget:  €613.043
  • CCS Budget:  €43.261


Project Consortium

  • Coordinator: All-Digital (former Telecentre-Europe), Belgium
  • Project Partners:
    • Media Actie Kuregem Stad​, Belgium
    • Associacio per a Joves Teb, Spain
    • CCS, Cyprus
    • 21st Century Competence Center im fjs e. V., Germany
    • Universita Degli Studi Di Napoli Federico II, Italy
    • EduCentrum, Belgium