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Posted on the 24th of Jun, 2020
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Project Description:

The project's "Intelligent light sensing for next generation smart grids" (LightSense) primary objective is to respond in a holistic way to the energy efficiency, continuity and security needs of power distribution networks within Cyprus, regarding timely fault prevention and intrusion detection.
The extensive goals are to:
(1) Exploit the optical sensing capabilities of the existing optical fibre, on-grid network, to enable the remote and automated, continuous, and timely monitoring of the grid infrastructure integrity of the principal energy supplier within Cyprus;
(2) Extract critical information, such as the locations of transmission inefficiencies, such as hot-spots, and provide predictive information regarding the emergence and location of possible faults, in order to ensure reliability and continuity of supply;
(3) Address the lack of informed policy with regard to issues of security and reliability in the context of actively monitoring future smart grids at the operations level, in real time;
(4) Monitor unmanned or unsupervised critical infrastructure to prevent unauthorised interference and access.

Project Information:
Project Website

Budget Information:

  • Funding source: Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation 
  • Project Title: Intelligent light sensing for next generation smart grids
  • Project acronym: LightSense
  • Project Code: INTEGRATED /0918/0031
  • The duration of the project is 36 months, starting from 01 June 2020. 
  • Total Budget:  €1.043.800
  • CCS Budget:  €48.000

Project Consortium: 

  • Coordinator: Cyprus University of Technology
  • Project Partners:
    • CCS, Cyprus
    • Bar Ilan University
    • Frederick Research Centre
    • Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority
    • Electricity Authority Cyprus
    • Algolysis Ltd
    • Lumoscribe LTD
    • Resoloupe LTD