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Posted on the 13th of Dec, 2019
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Project Description: 

The project "Bridging the skills gap: Strategies for the promotion of digital, coding and robotic skills for social inclusion, equality and access" pioneers in proposing to introduce coding and robotics to VET schools as an innovative way to address deficits, social exclusion, prejudice and learning disparities.​ Robotics is an effective, fascinating and motivating way to introduce students to coding which integrates all STEM fields. And promotes other employability skills such as: problem solving, group work, leadership, creativity and initiative.
Design, development and evaluation of a complete tool kit and educational pack for developing, implementing and monitoring various strategies aiming to promote coding/robotics skills in VET schools.


Project Information:
Project Website
Project Platform: https://robovet.staging.civiccomputing.com/
Youtube channel


Project Consortium: 

  • Coordinator: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitaet Hannover, Germany
  • Project Partners:
    • CCS, Cyprus
    • 2 EK Peiraia, Greece
    • CIVIC Computing, United Kingdom
    • Fundatia Centrul pentru Dezvoltarea Intreprinderilor Mici si Mijlocii Maramures, Romania
    • Women in Digital Initiatives Luxembourg Asbl, Luxembourgh
    • Instituto De Educación Secundaria “María Moliner”, Spain
    • A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd, Cyprus